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Monday, May 10, 2010


Saturday, May 06 (age 16)

~ I've been recently wondering how life for me is very similar with the stage.
~ In a stage, every single performance is special, magical, excellent, grandeur.
~ There's a huge audience that's watching for you, full house, waiting for you to do your best, asking you to effortlessly give you an applause after a great performance.
~ Although, before every performance, there's always the worry, heart pumping fast, nervous of what's going to happen out there.
~ But once you're in that stage, a different feeling comes in. Lightness, Like your heart is telling you that you'd be just fine, and nothing wrong is going to happen, believe in yourself and you'll do great. Then when you go out there in that special stage where it seems that you become a different person.
~ Only to find out that that person is not entirely not you. But a part of you. It could even be the real you. Free to express what you feel and free to be that person you'd want to be.
~ It may also be like a trapeze, you fly, you'll soar and when you fall a partner will come to you, help you stand up, and without any hesitations both of you begins to start yet a better and beautiful performance.
~ A different kind of performance that relates you and your audience, a bond that can't be easily explained.
~ In life, you try to be the best performer of your own stage.
~ Every time your dreams and goals comes true, every single fulfillment that you have been able to achieve no matter how simple it is, you're there standing up with so much pride and vigor hearing your own heart applause for what you've achieved.
~ Whenever you try to take risks, there may be uncertainties. But then you realize that through it all, after all the things you've been through, no matter how long it could take there’s always way out of everything. That you can improvise something up so that you won't be able to miss a line, or a point in your life.
~ You just have to follow your heart and believe in yourself.
~ Sometimes you'll fail, you'll fall down, it could even be hard but then a friend, family, or someone really special will help you through it and help you to stand up and tell you that there's always a second chance. Prove yourself that you've become better and you're ready to suck it all up.
~ Our lives have its share of ups and downs. But the best thing in our lives is to give out the perfect performance.
~ The audience of our lives are people who loves us the most, our inspiration.
~ Always remember to give your best performance, like it is the last performance of our lives. Live your everyday life like it was your last day here on Earth.
~ That no matter how much drama or tragedy, no matter how much fantasy or comedy your life is, it still is an adventure; a stage for you to sketch, to write the lines of which ever you want to say or however you'd want to people tell what your life is about and what you have become.
~ Our lives is similar to that stage.
~ This is how life special, magical, excellent, grandeur.

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