nothing in this world is permanent. except for change.

have this journey with me, lets grow together.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday, December 25 (age 16)

~ Merry Christmas!
~ I’m starting to feel quite lately, not just because its Christmas but maybe because I starting to understand myself more.
~ Happy because its been quite some time that I was able to relax and just take everything easily.
~ This could be a good start for the upcoming new year.

~ I could feel something good will happen this year. (watch out for this one...)

~ I need a fresh start. Feeling bad about yourself wouldn’t help you a lot. That’s something I'm starting to learn now.
~ I just need to be happy for myself that’s all.
~ I don't want to even think or talk about someone. He’ll come, I know he will. I just have to be patient.
~ What’s more important now is that I feel relived and happy.

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