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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Saturday, November 19 (age 16)

~ Why does almost all of the people about think these days is nothing more than just sex?... Don't you just hate it?
~ Love will find its way to you as some people say. 50% of them think they are looking for love but they unconsciously think of nothing but their own version of fun.
~ I don’t want to go out there looking for someone just to say that I'm in search for love. Doesn't make it more meaningful if you just force it out to you.
~ I'm the type of person who's very exclusive, I'd really want to get to know the person really well before deciding if he's the right person for me.
~ And yes, because I’m too scared to get hurt. I don't think I can handle the pain.
~ Although I'm used to being rejected by people I love as I grew up, It'd still be hard to let go of a person you invested so much feelings to.
~ When it comes to love, its really inevitable for me to just give. That's the scary part.
~ I can’t beg for a person to love me back or to love me again. I'm too coward to do so. I don't have that enough strength since its been like that ever since I was a child.
~ Its so easy for me to let go, especially if I realize that feelings are starting to falter... Even if i still love that person.
~ It might not be normal for a person to say but its true. I want that person to be happy up to the last day that we would be together.
~ But moving on is not the best thing that I can do. It'll be a long process if I may say.
~ I hope people will realize that love is not like a hide and go seek game.
~ Love is not a game. It’s a commitment.
~ Love is not all about sex. Its all about loving someone more than anyone else.
~ Love is not an affection. It’s more than adoration.
~ Love is not all about being happy. It could also be the reason why a lot of people gets hurt.
~ Love could be very ironic. I've seen a lot of failed relationships, and its quite hard to see myself in that situation.
~ I’m not yet ready to face it. Fortunately I can understand it.

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