nothing in this world is permanent. except for change.

have this journey with me, lets grow together.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Wednesday October 19 (age 16)

~ This has been the one of the most confusing day I've ever encountered. I don't know what to do
~ To choose between: being happy for myself, or just make other people happy instead. Like for example my family? Friends?
~ Is it really true that you must first love yourself, before loving someone else?
~ But the counterpart of it is: think of others before thinking about yourself.
~ Is loving yourself really that selfish? Or is it a way to taking care of the life was given to you?
~ Maybe that's the reason why I'm not open myself to and enter a relationship just yet. Maybe because i don't want to see myself crying in front of a mirror for a person whom i loved.
~ Can you really be that scared?
~ Scared of emotional pain?
~ How can you start with so much uncertainties in such a young age?...

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